A Comprehensive Patient Triage Approach

Centipede Advantage is the one of a kind software provides an enhancement to current EMR/EHR platforms providing unlimited capabilities for providing a complete and comprehensive patient triage approach to House Calls and Physician office visits with a customizable feature to incorporate the data into any platform utilized by providers of care.

With the Centipede advantage, the clinicians are provided enhanced pharmacological analysis ranging from drug-drug interactions, drug disease interactions, age related dosing parameters, laboratory compliance and laboratory interference identifier through medical record interface, while also reviewing physiological and pharmacological identifiers for 15 iconic disease states to assist the clinicians in establishing a complete treatment plan to reduce exacerbation of existing conditions while reducing hospitalizations, readmissions and adverse events.

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Centipede Advantage Software is a new data-scrubbing and algorithm engine that aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by making holistic patient data easy. Easy to use and implement, Centipede supports all formats of medical information in addition to satisfying medical exchange policies and is considered by its MD-founders to be the first major step in solving healthcare’s inefficiencies.

Centipede Advantage Software's objective is to reduce redundancy. Preventative healthcare is the priority.

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