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Centipede Advantage Software is taking the field, and demonstrating a 'safety net' standard for physicians that the industry had better take note of.

The promise of a Hippocratic Oath is no small undertaking, by any means. Countless professionals have become mired down by the sheer volume of patients they must see daily, (weekly, monthly!) and this pressure, that comes along side of keeping in stride with ones' peers in the latest medical developments, can become just overwhelming...

Centipede Advantage Software is a software system designed to help providers in their pharmacological and medical approach to treating their patients ailments and pains through pharmaceuticals and treatment plans.

About Centipede Software

Centipede® Software 1.1 custom LEGS® (Logistical Evaluation Gathering System) is a multifunctional relational database engine that is designed to compare intrinsic and extrinsic factors that are associated with current patient health and put them into a summary to help clinicians expedite accurate clinical decisions for proper case management. The flexible design incorporates various needs for specialty practices, including: private physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance carriers, ACOs (Affordable Care Organizations), PBMs (pharmacy benefit managers), laboratories, long-term care facilities and any other discipline that requires result driven analysis of labs, medication regimens, patient demographics and active or potential disease state identifiers.