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The Promise of the Hippocratic Oath

The Promise of the Hippocratic Oath Featured

The promise of a Hippocratic Oath is no small undertaking, by any means. Countless professionals have become mired down by the sheer volume of patients they must see daily, (weekly, monthly!) and this pressure, that comes along side of keeping in stride with ones' peers in the latest medical developments, can become just overwhelming...

That is why Centipede Advantage Software has set the stage for today, so that tomorrow will be much easier, and safer.

A very clear medication and treatment guideline is able to be laid out, per patient. Based off of labs, current meds, med contraindications, potential med lab interference, current state of disease the patient is in, current patient health, and other factors, our Logistical Evaluation Gathering System (LEGS) is able to create a miniature database for physicians, based on each individual patient. With your current EHR System working hand-in-hand with the Centipede LEGS system, physicians will feel much more confident in prescribing meds and treatment for their patients in general.


These systems working together provide a near safety net, or an almost fail safe for providers, who are tasked with prescribing medicine or treatment to their patients based off of all medical factors (extrinsic and intrinsic) and even current studies. All this info becomes immediately available to the provider as info is added to the patients profile. The ease of use that comes with this system tremendously helps providers who have become worn down by the constant influx of patients they must attend, by making it easier for them to attend and treat their patients. It provides the physician ease of mind and confidence in prescription.

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About Centipede Software

Centipede® Software 1.1 custom LEGS® (Logistical Evaluation Gathering System) is a multifunctional relational database engine that is designed to compare intrinsic and extrinsic factors that are associated with current patient health and put them into a summary to help clinicians expedite accurate clinical decisions for proper case management. The flexible design incorporates various needs for specialty practices, including: private physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance carriers, ACOs (Affordable Care Organizations), PBMs (pharmacy benefit managers), laboratories, long-term care facilities and any other discipline that requires result driven analysis of labs, medication regimens, patient demographics and active or potential disease state identifiers.