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Centipede Applications

Centipede® Software is a Web-based proactive disease state management application that focuses on the most prevalent disease states today. Centipede® Software identifies a  patient’s individual intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors that affect each disease state including current medications being taken. Our application then displays this data in an easy-to-follow format that  allows physicians  to make necessary clinical decisions which lead to a decrease in adverse events and hospitalizations.

Centipede® Software is useful for:

  • Home Health Facilities
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Private Clinical and Hospital Settings
  • Private Insurance
  • Retail Pharmacy Applications

Long Term Care and Home Health Facilities

Centipede® Software will automatically populate for each of your patients to allow your team to focus on improving quality of care as opposed to entering data. The entire interdisciplinary team is able to use the application so that all disciplines can put together a framework to deliver true patient centered care. Using Proactive Dx will help identify potential comorbidities, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and reduce high risk events.

Retail Pharmacy Applications

Centipede® Software is versatile for whatever size pharmacy you operate. An interface will allow for most of the data to be automatically populated. However, you can also utilize our “kiosk” version of the software which allows you and your customers to click and choose their own medication and disease states, which are necessary to populate the application.

Private Insurance

Centipede® Software can help identify risk reduction areas including drug/disease contraindications, drug/drug interactions and duplicate therapy.

Private Clinical and Hospital Settings

Centipede® Software is a great tool for private clinical and hospital settings as it presents the risks of each disease state in a new format; allowing for easy interpretation and thought processing. Centipede® Software improves the screening process byh providing more awareness for clinicians as well as alerts to help prevent adverse drug reactions and side effects.

About Centipede Software

Centipede® Software 1.1 custom LEGS® (Logistical Evaluation Gathering System) is a multifunctional relational database engine that is designed to compare intrinsic and extrinsic factors that are associated with current patient health and put them into a summary to help clinicians expedite accurate clinical decisions for proper case management. The flexible design incorporates various needs for specialty practices, including: private physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance carriers, ACOs (Affordable Care Organizations), PBMs (pharmacy benefit managers), laboratories, long-term care facilities and any other discipline that requires result driven analysis of labs, medication regimens, patient demographics and active or potential disease state identifiers.