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About Cenitpede Software



Our Mission at Centipede Advantage Software is to deliver an effective LEGS (or Logistical Evaluation Gathering System) for existing EHR (Electronic Health Record) Systems, that is also compatible with all such existing systems, making them much more reliable, highly effective and also much more user friendly in the hands of any professional or novice in the medical field. We aim to protect both the health care provider and patient through the proper collection of, and implementation of pharmacological and current medical data. Whether it be someone's age, current regimen of medicines, state of disease, metabolization lab data or other factors involving ones health, all of this data will be readily available to the provider when making the decision on prescribing his or her patient any new or current medicine or medical treatment.


We envision a medical future where all systems can work in a compatible, symbiotic state bolstered by revolutionary software that joins systems nationwide, and dare we say it, eventually worldwide.

All people deserve proper, safe and effective health care. Conversely, all providers deserve the ability to deliver that safe, proper and effective healthcare to their patients without the weight of consequences, due to potentially faulty Electronic Health Records Systems. Centipede Advantage Software is going to be the change the medical world needs. And deserves.
The Centipede Story

This is Centipede

Centipede® is by far the innovator in providing clinicians diagnostic data in a format that reduces the time and research required in data collection from various sources to make an informed decision in the initiation or continuation of patient care. Centipede and its flexibility can assist all other providers and clinicians in identifying potential risks associated with current or potential physiological and or pharmacological effects on the patient.

About Centipede Software

Centipede® Software 1.1 custom LEGS® design – Logistical Evaluation Gathering System) is a multifunctional relational database engine designed to correlate intrinsic and extrinsic factors associated with current patient health into a synoptic format for clinicians to expedite accurate clinical decisions for proper case management. The flexible design incorporates the various needs for specialty practices including private physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance carriers, Affordable Care Organizations (ACO), pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), laboratories, Long-term care facilities or any other disciplines requiring result driven analysis of labs, medication regimen, patient demographics and active or potential disease state identifiers.