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Centipede Proactive Disease State Management Software

The Centipede Advantage proactive disease state management software is a real time web-based scrubbing engine designed to identify High, Medium and Low risk resident’s affinity for developing any number of the fifteen (15) most prevalent disease states and contributors to frequent and/or unnecessary hospitalizations in the nursing home environment. The engine is constantly reviewing all intrinsic and extrinsic factors associated with the disease states and assigning value to a positive on one of the factors.

All factors are then totaled for assigning the associated risk measurement of High, Medium or Low for each individual disease state. There is also a subsequent algorithm which accumulates all risk factors for all disease states in order to assign a total risk score for identifying the residents that appear to be the highest risk in the facility. (Nursing Home Use)


Allowing the physician to have pharmacological information.

Clinical Reviews

Interpreted and Readily available Clinical Reviews

Accurate Information

Enhancing the physician’s ability to maximize prescription therapy

Preventing Risks

Hospitalizations and Adverse Drug Reactions & Events

Providing pertinent pharmaceutical and disease state information

The physician no longer has to make telephone calls or wait for clinical regards to evaluate prescribed medication interaction, dosing parameter or interference data. Centipede Software provides a necessary tool for accurate and reliable medication information to assist and enhance the physician’s ability to maximize prescription therapy while minimizing adverse pharmacological events.

Pharmacological Alerts

Pertinent clinical information regarding pharmacological alerts identifying potential serious problems with current medication therapy that could have a negative effect on the patient’s health and/or laboratory value.

Pharmacological Considerations

Pertinent pharmaceutical information that will assist the clinicians in the identification, evaluation and clarification of appropriate dosing parameters associated with the patient’s current medication regimen.

Clinical Considerations

Other clinical information that could prove valuable in expediting the diagnosis and treatment protocol for the clinician.

Easy Implementation

Minimize costs of IT infrastructure and knowledge delivery. Stand Alone system logins or possible EMR/EHR integration

Clinician Satisfaction

Providing clinicians diagnostic data in a format that reduces the time and research required in data collection.

Data Population

Instant pharmacological information accessible to physician.

Save Time

Expediting the process by displaying the root causes for abnormal values on laboratory report.

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About Centipede Software

Centipede® Software 1.1 custom LEGS® design – Logistical Evaluation Gathering System) is a multifunctional relational database engine designed to correlate intrinsic and extrinsic factors associated with current patient health into a synoptic format for clinicians to expedite accurate clinical decisions for proper case management. The flexible design incorporates the various needs for specialty practices including private physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance carriers, Affordable Care Organizations (ACO), pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), laboratories, Long-term care facilities or any other disciplines requiring result driven analysis of labs, medication regimen, patient demographics and active or potential disease state identifiers.